The drummer

Drummer from Adelaide City, SA

47 year old male

BAND WANTED for a DRUMMER with vocals (as at 2019)

ARE YOU READY for the necessary rave? ............... Here goes !

I'm an experienced drummer with vocals looking for a working band.

* I have top of the range professional gear

* I've played in most of the top venues around Adelaide doing pub rock and corporate gigs

* I'm after a working band who are organised, professional in their approach and are having an absolute blast playing great gigs

* I can learn your set list quickly in MY TIME, saving you that rehearsal time that bands hate when replacing a member

* Style of music? .............. how do I answer this one? Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

I've always been in hard working cover bands who have targeted their repertoires to specifically suit the requirements of a variety of venues around Adelaide. This way the bands have always had heaps of work.

I've done high profile corporate gigs in 4, 5 and 6 piece bands. I've also done stacks of pub gigs playing a variety of Pub Rock. I've also played in 3 piece bands that have absolutely rocked.

So, I'm at ease with most styles covering 2014 back to the 70s and 80s. I've also played 50s and 60s. I adapt my playing style to suit the music. I can chill out playing ' lift music ' or I can take the paint off the walls, as well as everything in between. I use a lot of light and shade in my playing. I'm volume conscious.


Did you doze off, or was it me ?

Mobile 04 1234 6789